Thursday, August 03, 2006

Excellence- Is it a good trait or is it dying?

Its very difficult to train someone to understand Excellence- This is a phenomenal trait that is absolutely boundaryless.For the freshers- What is Excellence? Thanks to our Sequential Thinking we all correlate Excellence to being proficient in academics or getting the highest rank or getting the highest post etc etc. But Excellence can be achieved in every activity of life if we decide to do it!Think about it- I have been observing one of my housekeeping boys(or shall i say adult) whose sole job is to ensure that he cleans the office, run errands for all the staff and just do what he is told to do. A job cannot get more simple than that or it cannot get more mundane than that- But where this gentleman gets his RESPECT is showing SERIOUSNESS to his job irrespective of the nature of the job. The first step to Excellence is to ensure that whatever we do(the stress is on whatever) we do it perfectly- We need to be satisfied about it. When I mean we need to be satisfied about it, I mean we need EVALUATE ourselves first in the most ruthless way!! How many of us do it? Why do we ALLOW others to evaluate us? Is it our habit to allow others to pass comments on our work? No!! Then, Why?? Think about it again?If we evaluate ourselves, we should stand first in OUR EYES first!! Once we cultivate our mindset towards this approach we then can do things perfectly as per our own standards!The second step then is to evaluate our own standards continually and then take corrective action- This is a major step for many people who think they are excellent but get in to the "frog in the well" syndrome. They then become strict disciplinarian because they believe that they are good in their own standards and they NEVER evaluate their own standards! The reason is also two-fold: Since they are in the midst of a lot of people who dont have any standards of their own they feel that they are higher up as they have crossed level 1 and secondly they also get cob-webs in their thinking because of plain arrogance!!I always felt that we are great in doing things when we are told to do and we are NEVER attempting to EXCEL at doing something that we have been doing for a while. Its a MINDSET- I see a lot of us being/becoming more ambitious in our career and its GREAT to see that change. To add on to that change is being EXCELLENT on whatever we do!!

Think about it folks!!

Till then,


Mouli said...

Hi Prakki,

I subscribe to your idea that we need to be our own critics to achieve excellence. I used to tell my friends that your success or your failure is all with YOU, and you need to work out your way of life. Though, I still maintain this view, there are some colors to it now. I've also started to believe that the way one is mended by the environment one lives definitely plays a role (say 80 oneself/20 environment). I say this because, for example, when I surround myself with people who're not as good as me (or better), I tend to get some of their weaknesses (I've experienced it.) in which case, I'd always wish I'm surrounded by excellent, strong-willed people.

Barring a minimal impact from the environment, it's still true that we must hold ourselves to a HIGHER STANDARD; otherwise where's growth, greatness in life?

- M

Arun said...

Thought provoking. Though it may not have been new, the words you used to convey were direct, I thought.

I must say, I was reminded of the book "First break all the rules."