Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nano Launch: Sentiments!

There is a lot of talk around Nano launch- Being in India and being a hard core Indian, we all have multiple questions on the launch:

· Is it the right time to launch when the world is in recession?
· Is this a car that India needs now?
· Is this the car that rural India is looking for?
· Is it going to be a huge success?
· How will India’s traffic scenario alter due to this?
· How will parking be in future for people who own sedan’s/luxury cars?
· What will be the modus operandi for tour/travel operator?

Some of the voices around this launch are:
1. This is great for India’s international image and we should capitalize that
2. All patriotic Indians should buy this
3. This syncs up well with CK Prahlad’s vision of “Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”
4. All two-wheeler population will acquire a new status owing to Nano- this is great for them!
5. This is a good extra car that can be had!

While this blog is not going to attempt to answer all the questions or try to say that the voices are right/wrong- this blog is just to reflect the populist sentiments around this launch and get other opinions from my blog readers on what/how they perceive this to launch to be. The reason why I selected “Nano” is simple- This is a great vision by Tata and I would like to understand from the readers what they feel/think about it.

From my perspective, I would like to say that this is a great vision translated in to execution- A great example of “Activity Based Costing/Target Based Costing”; I set up the price of my end product and work backwards to ensure that it is feasible. An awesome example of lateral thinking in manufacturing where the bonnet does not consist of the standard materials and the whole design is optimized around my target cost. This is also an example of sheer execution whereby all the roadblocks have been averted to achieve the objective. Don’t you agree?

I do have a lot of thoughts regarding Nano on how it can:
1. Bridge the status for many people
2. Allow people to convert their dreams in reality
3. Ensure safe travel
4. How a good segment of population will take a cautious approach before buying? They will wait and watch till the official verdict is on

Again, I don’t want this blog to sound like a product information log or a feature log but would like capture the sentiments of every Indian who is thinking about Nano.

What do you all feel? Please feel free to share your sentiments on comments.


Sridhar said...
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Sridhar said...
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Sridhar said...

Replaced my comments with a link to my blog post.

Avadhut Joshi said...

congragulations tata's!
Prakash you have summed it well.
Nano can be a nightmare as well as blessing. Nightmare because it will contribute to traffic chaos,pollution etc.
It can be a blessing for rural india where trasport is a major problem.But time will tell whether nano can survive difficult rural india roads.
This calls for some smart policy making.When a new technology is discovered,its negatives can be countered with a smart policy.
As for example to counter traffic problems in Beijing,china is making all attempts to make public trasport most comfortable in beijing and make beijing carbon neutral.

Maheswari said...

My sentiment is same as you quoted prakash - A great example of “Activity Based Costing/Target Based Costing”.When it was launched i saw its review in one of famous news channel and i was awestruck on the brilliance of the engineering team to achieve the target. And, candidly i have become sentimental since it is a quality and pioneering product from INDIA :D.

Only time can say whether it is boon or curse.. my gut feeling is that it will change the public transport and it will take to next layer of convenience.

Maheswari said...

I meant the "idea / path" will change the public transport and not through the product NANO.